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Hoploscaphites nebrascensis

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Hoploscaphites nebrascensis microconch

~Collectors Piece~

Looking for your newest piece to add to the collection. What a stunning piece to display on your shelf. While being prepared to accentuate the bite hole Luke discovered another scaphite that had been preserved within the body chamber of the ammonite. Look into the ammonite revealing the smaller one inside makes this a worthy piece. 

The coloration on this piece is a deep red that takes your breath away, and the unique preparation accentuating the bite mark that killed the ammonite and showing the smaller ammonite that ended up in its shell after death makes this a fascinating conversation piece as well.

All preparation is done by LPFOSSILS very own : Luke Larson

Ammonite Size: 3 1/2" x 3" x 1 1/2" ---- Full Height: 6 3/4" 

Ammonite Gender: Microconch (male)

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