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Placenticeras Meeki with Turquoise Inlay - LPFossils

Placenticeras Meeki with Turquoise Inlay

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Placenticeras Meeki with Turquoise Inlayed inside the cracks and beautiful calcite crystals in the living chambers. 

The Box is included and adds an extra way to display such an art piece.

What a beautiful new take on fossils, turning it into art. You will have a piece like no other. Enjoy this piece in your family room on the perfect shelf- being able to be displayed in all its glory. 

Found in the Pierre Shale of South Dakota

Preparation by LPFOSSILS - Luke Larson

Placenticeras Size: 4 1/2" x 4" x 1 1/2" ---- Full Height: 7"x 7"

Nostoceras Gender: Unknown

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