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Multiple Discoscaphites conradi & Hoploscaphites nicolletii

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Multiple Discoscaphites conradi (two macroconchs and one microconch) & Hoploscaphites nicolletii

Found in the Fox Hills Formation, upper Maastrichtian Stage, Late Cretaceous of South Dakota

Preparation by LPFOSSILS

Beautiful ammonites with original pearly colored shell. If they were still alive you would have a breeding pair of D. conradi. Some ammonites contain beautiful green Grandmother-of-pearl and others have blue. There are quite a few different species of ammonites, gastropods and bivalves so you can display it at different angles do see it in a new way. 

Ammonite Size: 6" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2

Ammonite Gender: Mix

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