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Baculite Multiple specimens Baculite compressus - LPFossils

Baculite Multiple specimens Baculite compressus

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Baculite multiple that we have dubbed Scissorhands. This multiple specimen piece is an ammonite collectors dream with seven baculite specimens displayed in the original matrix.

Baculities compressus & Hoploscaphites brevis

An outstanding piece that is like no other!! The baculites are as found in the original concretion. Every specimen was reassembled only from pieces that were associated with them in the same concretion (with the exception of a small apertural piece on the smaller white baculite in the center). After completion only three sections of baculites were left over (these were from a baculite on the back that could not be completed). The baculites have been completely restored and most include small sections of cast tips. Also found during preparation was a stunning Hoploscaphites brevis macroconch hidden behind the baculites. This piece is stunning! perfect for the fossil, or art collector. In all of the years Neal has been collecting ammonites (more than 45) he has never found nor seen another piece like this. This is a top Museum or Collector piece! 

Pierre Shale, upper Campanian Stage, Late Cretaceous of South Dakota

There are 7 fully restored baculites in their natural concretion. 

Prep by LPFOSSILS - Neal Larson


Gender: both Macroconchs (females) and microconchs (males)

Fossil Size: 17 1/2" x 11" x 5"